Brave Frontier Enhancements

What do golems do in brave frontier?

They have been observed to gather at volcanic hotspots and splash around in lava.

Used for Bonding eligible units and increasing Bond Levels..

How do you get 130 SP brave frontier?

How do I get a unit to 130 SP? You have to reach Omni plus 3 with them and then fuse two Omni Emperors into a unit that is at Omni plus 3.

What is Elgif used for brave frontier?

Overview. Elgif and Emgif are fusion materials used for additional Extra Skills and removal of additional Extra Skills respectively. Elgif will give a unit an additional Extra Skill when fused even if this unit isn’t a 7★.

How do you use the ultimate Brave burst in brave frontier?

Hold and swipe left for that unit to activate Overdrive Mode. Once in OD, that unit will receives 100% Atk/Def/Rec. However, the turn for that unit will end. Your BB gauge will now turn into Ultimate Brave Burst gauge.

How do you get the mystery frog in brave frontier?

How to ObtainEvent Bazaar. Limited Time Events. Brave Insignia – 10 Insignias. Guild Relic – 1000 Guild Relics. Exalted – 25 Exalted Tokens.Event Giveaways.

What is Amber butterfly for brave frontier?

Amber Butterflies are evolution materials used to evolve Omni Frog into Omni Emperor, a fusion material used on OE+3 Rarity units to increase their SP cap by 5 points (Max SP cap is 130).

How many extra skills can a unit have?

one elgifExtra skills only apply to the unit that has them. You can only have one elgif on a unit. The next one will overwrite the previous one. You can get the previously used elgif back if you remove it with an emgift before overwriting it.

How do I get super brave burst?

When a unit reaches 6 stars in evolution, it will acquire Super Brave Burst after it reaches Brave Burst level 10. Super Brave Burst starts over at level 1 again but is leveled the same way as normal Brave Burst.

How do I raise my BB level in brave frontier?

The Brave Burst or BB Level is raised when you fuse monsters of the same type. What you will have to do is to look at the Brave Burst type of the two character cards to make the decision. The BB leveling chance decreases significantly as you go up in level.

How do I get Omni Plus brave frontier?

Omni+ Boost feature can be accessed through “Unit > Evolve Unit” and there are two ways to boost an Omni unit: Elemental and Duplicate options.

What does an omni frog do?

Omni Frogs are a variant of the Frog units that gives SP rather than BB or Sphere space. … So if your unit is an OMNI+3 you will need 4 Omni Frogs to fill up the empty space to get an exact 120 SP for enchancements.

How do I bond in brave frontier?

To Bond a Unit Pair, enter one of the unit’s Unit Menu and tap on its DBB Slot. Doing so will open up the Unit Bond Menu. Tap on “Bond Unit” to proceed.

How does extra skill work in Brave Frontier?

An Extra Skill is a skill (similar to Leader Skills) that can be obtained by 7 Stars in BF. Unlike Leader Skills, which like the name says needs the said unit to be a Leader, Extra Skills can be used at any position in your team (Leader or not doesn’t matter).

How do you get extra skill in brave frontier?

Extra Skill will be unlocked after the unit has unlocked Ultimate Brave Burst. All Extra Skills only apply to the Unit that has the acquired skill, unless a skill has it added to BB/SBB.

What is dual brave burst?

Players of Brave Frontier will be able to use Dual Brave Burst (DBB) – the next evolution of the Brave Burst combat mechanic starting May 29, 2019. … Once the DBB is unlocked, players will then be able to create bonds with the respective Bond Partners and unleash the DBB in battle.

How do you get exalted tokens in brave frontier?

Exalted Tokens can be obtained by clearing the raid mission. Added Noel’s Experiment, one purchasable for 500 tokens, and another for 10,000 tokens. Battles of Brave Frontier 2: The Silver Knight released. Exalted Tokens can be obtained by clearing the Hard Mode dungeon.