Can You Kill Millie In GTA San Andreas?

What happens if you kill your girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?

Hitting, punching, and shooting a girlfriend will be considered abuse, and the girlfriend will walk away and end the date.

However, if the player collects all 50 oysters, they will be revived and it will be possible to date them again, although Millie and Denise cannot be revived at all, as missions cannot be replayed..

Who killed Ryder in GTA San Andreas?

T-Bone MendezIn the mission PIER 69 we kill Ryder along with T-Bone Mendez. T-Bone dies when we hit him , but Ryder being close to a wall jumps into the sea. He swims upto a small island where a boat is parked and then he runs where CJ chases him and kills him. However you can kill him without getting yourself into the chase.

Is Franklin CJ’s son?

CJ and Franklin are not related.

Who killed CJ’s brother?

Michael MoselyMichael Mosely, 23, was taken into custody on Christmas Day and charged with killing two college students, including the brother of San Francisco 49ers player C.J. Beathard.

How tall is CJ GTA?

Carl JohnsonAge24 (1992)Born1988Height6′ 1 (1.85 m)GangGrove Street Families5 more rows•Jul 11, 2020

What time is Millie home in GTA?

Time. Between 12:00 and 22:00.

Is CJ in GTA V?

Other than a carefully placed Easter egg, there’s no reference to C.J. at all, this is because GTA V is in HD era while San Andreas was in the 3D era. According to @CaulynDarr the only character that has appeared in both GTA: SA and GTA V is Lazlow. He is in all the games.

How can I date my girlfriend in GTA San Andreas?

Method 2 of 7: Dating DenisePlay the Burning Desire quest. … Wait for the right time to visit. … Find Denise. … Know Denise’s driving preferences. … Take Denise to one of her favorite restaurants. … Go dancing with Denise. … Indulge Denise’s alternative date. … Increase Denise’s progress bar.More items…

Is Franklin’s aunt CJ’s girlfriend?

TL,DR: Franklin’s aunt Denise in GTA 5 is the same Denise as CJ’s girlfriend.

Can you lose respect in GTA San Andreas?

When the player completes one of its missions or kills members of opposing gangs, respect from a gang will rise. When the player fails one of its missions or kills its members, respect from a gang will drop.

Who killed CJ’s mom?

Death. In 1992, two Ballas members, under the orders of corrupt LSPD officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, attempted a drive-by shooting at Beverly’s house, in order to attempt to kill Sweet. However, Sweet was not in the house, and instead Beverly was killed.

How did CJ die?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. In 1992, Beverly Johnson is killed in a drive-by shooting by the Ballas.

How did CJ’s brother Brian die?

Brian JohnsonDate of Death1987 (Killed in an unexplained accident)NationalityAmericanHomeJohnson House, Grove Street, Los Santos, San AndreasFamilyBeverly Johnson (mother) Sean “Sweet” Johnson (brother) Carl “CJ” Johnson (brother) Kendl Johnson (sister)8 more rows•May 6, 2014

What is the cheat to increase respect in GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas PS2 and PS3 cheat codes list….GTA San Andreas PC cheat codes – all GTA San Andreas cheats for PC listed.CHEAT CODESPCMaximum RespectWORSHIPMEMaximum Sex AppealHELLOLADIESMaximum Vehicle StatsNATURALTALENTNightNIGHTPROWLER66 more rows•May 31, 2019

Is CJ Franklin’s dad GTA?

CJ is Franklin’s dad. Franklin is CJ’s son.

Who is CJ’s wife?

This week, Portland Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum got married to his longtime girlfriend Elise Esposito. The photos of the wedding were shared online, as fans took to congratulating the player on social media.

How do you progress with Millie in GTA San Andreas?

Take her to the nearest dance club, a club east of The Camel’s Toe. Millie likes about an average speed, and has a pretty generous range of approval, so the player shouldn’t have too much trouble keeping her happy. She also likes the area she lives at, so Carl can just drive her in circles around her neighborhood area.

How did Ryder betray CJ?

Ryder and Smoke where in on the drive by shooting of CJ’s Mom. They betray the Grove because smoke is a drug dealer (which is the thing GSF stand against) and Ryder becomes involved with the ballas and C.R.A.S.H. i think it was to do with money and drugs.

What time is CJ girlfriend home?

Her house is in Prickle Pine, a northern suburb of Las Venturas. When: 02:00 to 10:00 and 14:00 to 20:00; Some days only at exactly at 12:00.