Does Felyne Bombardier Affect Charge Blade?

Does artillery affect Savage AXE?

The additional hits are NOT phial damage and are not affected by Artillery.

The additional hits ARE affected by the 10% damage bonus for Axe mode from having a charged shield.

Obviously, this means using SAED or charging your shield will always remove Power Axe mode..

What are switch AXE phials?

Element Phial: A phial that boosts the natural elemental/status power of a Switch Axe in sword mode. Only Switch Axes with natural element/status can have this phial.

How can you increase the impact of phial damage?

Pumping raw increases Phial damage. Use all the Buffs you have. Run Skills like Peak Performance, Attack Up, Agitator, Artillery, eat for Felyne Bombardier, etc. You should be able to hit 100+ easily.

Does slugger work with charge blade?

Quick question about the impact phials! Since the charged non elemental attacks deal impact and KO damage, can the charge blade benefit from the Slugger armor skill? It can!

Does sharpness affect phial damage?

Yep. Sharpness isn’t part of the phial damage calculation.

What is the difference between impact phial and power element phial?

Power Element Phials: Enhances elemental damage of your axe attacks for a longer period of time. Impact Phials: Enhances physical damage of your axe attacks for a short period of time.

What is the best charge blade in MHW?

Monster Hunter World Top 5 Charge BladesDiablos Tyrannis II – 230 Raw + (180 Ice) If you’re lacking a Magazine Jewel, swap the waist for High Metal Beta. … Halberion Blade – 190 Raw + 240 Fire. … Dear Hecatelia – 190 Raw + 330 Poison. … Dante’s Devil Sword – 200 Raw + 150 Thunder. … Empress Alma “Ruin” – 190 Raw + 240 Blast.Mar 4, 2019

Does Bombardier affect blast?

No, Blast Attack does. Bombardier only boosts blast damage of barrel bombs, cannons etc.

How do charge blade phials work?

In its default sword and shield mode, the Charge Blade begins to charge its phials with each attack you land – they go yellow first, then red when they’re fully charged. If you keep attacking in sword mode when your phials are red, they’ll start to flash and your attacks will start to bounce off creatures.

What is impact phial MHW?

Phial explosions deal Fixed-type damage and apply Exhaust Status damage or Stun/KO damage. Phial explosions caused by Element Phials deal Elemental damage corresponding to the Element attribute on the CB. Moves using Impact Phial. Power.

Does Bombardier affect cannons?

Nope, HGE has no effect whatsoever on cannons. Neither does Attack Up. Kina is right in that the only thing that actually affects their damage is Felyne Bombardier, but Speed Gathering lets you get the ammo faster, and Pro Transporter lets you carry cannonballs faster.

Does artillery affect elemental charge blade?

Artillery and Capacity Boost are pointless on an Elemental Charge Blade because Artillery does not affect Elemental Phials, and the whole point to Boost is to give more Phial explosions with larger boosts, which again, isn’t affected by Artillery.

Does artillery affect impact phials?

Your phial attacks will also hit significantly harder thanks to the Artillery skill. However, some elemental weapons have elemental phials. Artillery only affects the impact phials. … Speed Sharpening is just there as a filler skill to allow for quicker sharpening to get back in the fight.

Can impact phials crit?

Additionally, phials don’t crit, so you could say affinity doesn’t matter, but this too ignores the actual weapon. TL;DR: high raw if impact, high element if elemental, but in either case, don’t ignore stuff like sharpness and affinity. Don’t worry about it too much unless you’re speedrunning though.

Does Bombardier affect charge blade MHW?

Felyne Bombardier Effect Increases ballista, sticky ammo, gunlance shell and Charge Blade Impact Phial damage. Not noted in game or here,damage but tested and deals 10% more damage with cannons.

Does the artillery skill affect switch AXE?

Yeah, Artillery does nothing for SA.

Does Felyne Bombardier affect switch AXE?

no, it doesnt. it strictly affects bombs.

Is Slugger good on greatsword?

short answer: no. long answer: if you’re going for crit draw greatsword, 4pc velk and 1pc frostfang is optimal. you can put in slugger 3 (i wouldn’t recommend it, but if that’s what you want then fair enough), you’ll be missing out on too much damage if you run 3pc frostfang.

Does slugger affect sticky ammo?

Slugger affects any attack that deals KO damage. This includes any blunt/impact attack hitting the monster’s head or any attack hitting the head while wearing the Impact Mantle. Slinger Ammo such as Stones, Redpits, Scatternuts, Thorn Pods, and Crystalburst are also affected by the Slugger skill. … Sticky ammo (Bowguns)

What does exhaust phial do?

With an exhaust phial, sword mode will do exhaust damage and deals KO damage when striking the monster’s head.

Is Slugger good MHW?

Ive been playing around with slugger the last few days, i vote yes, its 100% worth it in multiplayer as long as you are using a weapon that does extra ko damage. I use hbg/lbg, and ive been getting 6-7 knockdowns per hunt on savage jho in 2p matches, and 3-4 in 4p matches.