How Do You Beat Hollow Bastion?

What level should you be for Hollow Bastion?

At Hollow Bastion, around 45-50.

End game around 60 since this is your first run-through, any lower might prove difficult depending on your abilities..

How do you beat Maleficent dragon?

The Dragon is not difficult to beat. If the player follows a hit-and-run strategy and sticks to magic attacks as recommended, as well as using the presence of Prince Phillip to his or her advantage, then she should fall with ease. An alternate strategy would be running behind Maleficent at the start of the battle.

Where are the 4 emblem pieces in Hollow Bastion?

The four emblem pieces are found within various areas of Hollow Bastion I.One is found on the table in Library 1.One is found in the eastern section of the Waterway, which is unlocked after reuniting with Donald Duck.One is found in the far-western section of the Castle Gates, after completing a switch sequence.More items…•Sep 23, 2020

Where should I go before Hollow Bastion?

Traverse TownBefore you can go to Hollow Bastion you need to talk to Cid at Traverse Town. He’ll give you the Transform-G you need to reach the next area. Head to the Magician’s Study and fly across the water at the back end to reach a Chest with Dalmatians 1, 2 and 3 .

Where is Aerith in Hollow Bastion?

Defeating the Behemoth will give you the Omega Arts accessory. After the battle, go back to the Library and head to the bottom floor to find Aerith.

Why does Ansem look like Riku?

Ansem the Wise (or DiZ) used Riku’s passion for getting Sora back to normal to coax Riku into using the darkness inside of himself (the leftover Ansem SoD bits) to fight and capture Roxas, which in turn transformed his appearance to look like Xehanort’s Heartless.

What level should you be for end of the world?

level 40You should have no problems beating the whole game as long as you’re at least level 40.

What level should I be to beat kh1?

50+ is definitely good enough for proud mode. Other modes can be bested at ~40. Aeroga doesn’t do anything for the final bosses.

Where is the cave of remembrance?

Hollow BastionThis optional dungeon is found at the Postern in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden, after the Heartless invasion of said world near the end of the game’s first half.

How do you get the chest in Hollow Bastion?

All you have to do, is cast Blizzard(or any upgrade) on the bubble that would be directly in front of the chest. You know, the second bubble when entering the Waterway. Then you jump on top of it, quickly jump to the ledge between both bubble rooms, then you can jump/glide to the chest. That easy.

How do you beat Sephiroth in kh1?

TipsKeep attacking, even if you don’t see his HP gauge go down. … When he summons the explosion from the ground, if you look carefully, it rises in separate columns. … Try to get Ultima Weapon before facing him. … Remember to Cure yourself if your HP gets below 50%.

How do you beat Riku?

All you really need for Riku is Guard, Counterattack, and good timing. Just guard/parry his attacks and counter with a combo of your own if he staggers. You don’t even need special attacks like Ars Arcanum, just plain old 3-hit combos will do nicely.

How do you move the statue in Hollow Bastion?

First start lighting all the candles around. Then smash the two pots next that are adjacent to the statue. Next use Red Trinity to push the statue off the top, and finally push the statue to the left to reveal the last one.

What level should I be to beat Hades cup?

I’d say you should enter the Hades Cup when you’re level 60 and up. I entered when I was around level 55, and it proved to be pretty hard. So get an advantage and try to enter when you’re 60.

Do you need to grind in Kingdom Hearts?

You can definitely grind in almost all KH games. It’s usually not needed during the main story, but can be quite important to tackle endgame stuff. It’s like a blend of Zelda-style combat and the grind of traditional JRPGs.

Does Riku love Sora?

Sora and Riku are very affectionate with each other, and have a level of comfortability that would very naturally translate into a romantic relationship with each other.

Is Hollow Bastion the last world?

It is the last new location to open in Kingdom Hearts, upon completing Hollow Bastion. End of the World is a by-product of all Heartless’ destructive nature. Although End of the World is the last world, the Heartless are not very numerous as compared to Hollow Bastion, but they are very powerful.

How do I get to Hollow Bastion the second time?

To get here, enter the new warp point that’s appeared on the map near Traverse Town. Thankfully, the route through the Bastion is just a little simpler this time around. Enter the double doors at the main gate and bear left up the stairs to the Library, just like before. Then, go up the stairs to the second floor.

What level should I be to fight Riku the second time?

1) You don’t need to be level 50-60 unless you have a really, REALLY hard time with boss fights. Anything from level 40-45 should suffice for Beginner or Final Mix(I normally get to Riku/Ansem at level 42 or 43) and level 45-50 on Proud, unless you are an expert at Proud mode.

How do I get to Ansem’s study?

Speak to her and move on down the stairs to the area she directed you to. Once you are in the Corridors make your way through the paths, fighting Heartless and opening treasure chests along the way. You will eventually find Ansem’s Study, and after chatting with Tifa.

Is Hollow Bastion from Final Fantasy?

Beyond the tranquil paradise of Destiny Islands and the homey Traverse Town, Hollow Bastion is where Final Fantasy and Disney join to form an original world unlike each property’s own. It’s where both sensibilities collide. It’s a multi-tiered fortress, divided into numerous sections.

How do I get to Hollow Bastion library?

Above you is a platform hanging from chains, and two smaller platforms that hover around the center one. There are two new exits from level 1A of the Entrance Hall: the door directly across from the entrance leads to the Lift Stop, and the door to the left leads to the Library.

How do I get out of Hollow Bastion?

BOSS: Riku Stick and move, landing combo attacks when Riku is at rest. When he attacks, it’s generally best to get out of his way, using Dodge Roll or Glide to avoid his strikes when he charges up for a running slash or his whim-whamming circuit around the arena.

How do I get to the secret waterway in Kingdom Hearts?

Head on over to the Alleyway in the Second District. Here, the Gizmo Shop makes a good grinding area. While in the Alleyway, you should be able to go to the Secret Waterway and get the Gummi piece by going over to the mural and talking to Kairi. Talk to her again and she’ll give you the Oathkeeper.

How do you beat Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You must complete Pride Lands 2 and Olympus 2 before Space Paranoids 2 is available. The fight will never stop.

Where do I grind before Hollow Bastion?

Anyways, the best place to level would probably be at Hollow Bastion in the entrance hall. You can also start stocking up on crystals and going for a Defender and Wizard’s Relic there. You could also start farming stones before the special heartless get a buff.

How do you get the Ultima Weapon in kh1?

Obtained: The Ultima Weapon must be created in the Synthesis Workshop in Traverse Town. The player must synthesize all 30 items in the workshop for the Ultima Weapon to become unlocked.

Why does Hollow Bastion look different?

The town was likely obliterated during that time. Beyond that, if you’re wondering why the castle looks different, see above. Darkness corrupting/being lifted changed the way RG/HB looked.

What World Is Hollow Bastion?

Kingdom Hearts universeHollow Bastion is, in the Kingdom Hearts universe, the home to many of the Final Fantasy characters.