How Do You Use A Generator In Homescapes?

What does the sledgehammer do in homescapes?

It removes pieces and obstacles without losing a move, only it’s more powerful than the Hammer.

If you hit a piece or an obstacle with the Sledgehammer, you’ll remove one row and one column of elements, just like the Rocket+Rocket combination..

How many levels are there on homescapes 2020?

Levels are the main objective of Homescapes, each with a new puzzle to solve and different Elements to mix up things. Currently there are 6080 levels (with Playrix trying their very best to release 30 new levels every Thursday).

How do I get unlimited lives on homescapes?

2) Go to the settings of your iOS or Android device. 3) Turn Airplane mode on. 4) Go to your date and time and turn your auto date and time off so you are able to change the current day date to the following day. When you now open Homescapes you will have a full 5 lives again.

How do you beat level 60 on homescapes?

The easiest way to beat the level is by removing chains and laying carpet as early as possible. Leave the apples on the upper platter for the time being, as they’ll be collected automatically. Instead, focus on collecting apples from the lower platter and laying carpet.

Why is homescapes not as advertised?

“Because the ads were not representative of the games they were purported to feature, we concluded that they were misleading.” It ruled the ads must not appear again – and told Playrix to make sure ads represented its games in future.

What is the last room in homescapes?

The Living Room is the fifth room that Austin restored in the Mansion.

How do you win at homescapes?

5 Homescapes Tips & Tricks You Need to KnowRemain Idle for a Few Seconds and Let the Game Notify You of Awesome Matching Opportunites. Playrix Games. … Boosters – How to Make ‘Em and the Stage Goals That Require Them the Most. … Matching Boosters Together Works Like a Charm! … Once an Infinite Retry Booster is Active, Take Advantage of It! … Get Social Via Facebook ASAP!Mar 30, 2019

How do you get free coins on homescapes?

Homescapes: 6 Best ways to earn coinsComplete the match-3 levels (fastest)Use the stars to complete the task.Complete an entire day.Watch videos.Purchase outright.Rotate lucky wheel.Summary.Aug 30, 2018

How do you use homescapes boosters?

Tap the icon in the pre-level window to activate them. The booster won’t show up on the field, but you’ll get twice as many Planes on the level when you activate them. And if you can match two Planes, you’ll launch five, each with its own target.

How do you get power-ups in homescapes?

Power-ups appear on the game field once you match four or more pieces….These power-ups are available in the game right now:Rockets clear all tiles in a row or a column (depending on which direction they’re pointed in). … Bombs are activated by a double tap and remove a significant number of pieces.More items…

How do you use the paper airplane in homescapes?

The Double Paper Planes booster can be activated before the start a level. Just tap its icon in the window before the start. The booster won’t show up on the field, but you’ll automatically get twice as many Planes in the level after it’s activated.

How long does it take to complete homescapes?

Around 90 hoursAround 90 hours, according to 4 GameFAQs users who told us how long it took them to beat it.

How do you beat level 64 on homescapes?

We recommend starting the level by getting rid of Boxes, especially the ones that are keeping new pieces from dropping down onto the field. After that, get to work collecting Apples. While you’re removing Boxes and collecting Apples, some of the pieces will help spread carpet.

How do you make a rainbow ball in homescapes?

The most effective Power-up is the Rainbow Ball, which is introduced in level 5. Match 5 pieces in a row/column to obtain a Rainbow Ball. Swap adjacent pieces to remove all the pieces of that color.

What is the hardest level in homescapes?

Level 385Homescapes Super Hard Level 385 – YouTube.

What is the order of the rooms in homescapes?

Lake House RoomsLiving Room – 6 Days.Lake Cabin- 6 Days.Studio – 6 Days.Bakery – 6 Days.Dock House – 6 Days.Chamber of Wonders – 6 Days.Light House – 6 Days.Farm – 6 Days.