Question: Amdapor Keep Hard Unlock

How do you unlock dusk vigil?

Level 51+ players need to start the level 51 Sidequest For All the Nights to Come.

Players can start the quest by talking to Wealdtheow in Coerthas Western Highlands (x16, y22).

To unlock the quest, players need to complete the level 51 Main Scenario Quest Sounding Out the Amphitheatre..

How do you unlock Pharos Sirius?

Level 50 players need to talk to Diamanda in Aleport, Western La Noscea (x26,y26), to start the quest Side Quest Sirius Business to unlock the dungeon. The quest is available after the completion of the main scenario quest Main Quest The Ultimate Weapon.

How do you unlock the stone vigil?

The Stone Vigil is a level 41-43 dungeon located in the Coerthas Highlands. It is unlocked through the main story line, and is required to receive the full quest line. Players level 44 and above will be synced to level 43 for the duration of the instance.

How do you unlock shadows Uncast?

This quest is available upon reaching level 44 and being a Storm Sergeant First Class. Speak with R’ashaht Rhiki on the Upper Decks. She will tell you to go to the Coerthas Central Highlands and talk to Ophelle, standing outside of the Dzemael Darkhold.

Where is Vesper Bay Ffxiv?

ThanalanA bustling port city strategically situated on the western coast of Thanalan and maintained using funds generously provided by Syndicate chairman Lolorito, Vesper Bay serves as a gateway in and out of sultanate-controlled lands.

How do I unlock Amdapor keep?

User Info: ryudo500. after finishing the story go to your GC’s HQ, talk to the commander, they should have a quest available which will unlock Amdapor Keep.

How do I unlock Aurum Vale?

The Aurum Vale is a level 47-49 instance located in the Coerthas Central Highlands. It is unlocked by Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay, and is not part of the main story line. Level 50 players will be synced to level 49 for the duration of this dungeon.

How do you unlock Wanderer’s Palace?

The Wanderer’s Palace is a level 50 dungeon located in the Upper La Noscea area. It is unlocked by speaking to Allene in Vesper Bay, located in Western Thanalan and is not part of the main story line.

How do you unlock Copperbell mines hard?

COPPERBELL MINES (Hard)level 50 dungeon. It is the hard mode of Copperbell Mines dungeon and requires a light party of 4 players with iLevel 48 or higher. Players can unlock the dungeon by speaking to Hugubert in Mor Dhona (x22,y8).

How do I get to Dzemael Darkhold?

Level 44+ players can unlock the dungeon in one of two ways:By speaking to Carrilaut in Coerthas Central Highlands (x24,y28) to start the quest Fort of Fear.Obtain the rank of Sergeant First Class in your Grand Company, then speak to the commander of your Grand Company to start the quest Shadows Uncast.