Quick Answer: Bf4 Final Stand Weapons Unlock

How do you unlock the phantom bow in bf4?

How to Unlock the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4Complete All Previous Phantom Assignments.

Find One or More of the Final Stand Dog Tags.

Wear the Dog Tags, Weapon and Soldier Camouflage.

Step onto the Elevator on Hanger 21.

Input the Code into the Keypad.

How to Unlock the Phantom Operative Assignment.Nov 26, 2014.

How long is bf4 campaign?

All StylesSingle-PlayerPolledAverageMain Story5216h 21mMain + Extras1638h 51mCompletionists6914h 18mAll PlayStyles7537h 37m

How do you unlock the Phantom in pso2?

Unlocking Phantom To unlock the Phantom Class, the player must complete a Client Order from Koffie. To complete this Client Order, the player must earn a Title (まだ見ぬ境地へ ) which requires reaching Level 75 in any two non-Successor Classes.

How do you unlock the GOL Magnum?

So for the GOL magnum unlock it says you have to get 10 kills with a sniper rifle from the tower on caspian border.

Is BF4 campaign Good?

The campaign is alright, nothing special. Thankfully it doesn’t have any QTEs like BF3 did, nor does it have forced stealth sections or out-of-bounds areas (so far as I saw). … BF3 and BF4 campaigns are pretty cool. They’re certainly not BAD.

Do people still play Battlefield 4?

It is still populated but it’s slowly losing its player base and rented servers. I do. The best game in the series. Just started playing again on Xbone and servers are still packed like they always were.

How many levels are in BF4 campaign?

seven missionsThis page contains the full campaign Walkthrough for Battlefield 4. Below is an index containing each level with details on what needs to be done in order to obtain completion with gold strategies and find each level’s Collectibles. In total, there are seven missions that make up the entire campaign.

How do you unlock all the weapons in Battlefield 4 Campaign?

Multiplayer WeaponsM412 Rex – Complete the mission ‘Baku’.Shank – Complete the mission ‘Kunlun Mountains’.Machete – Complete the mission ‘Tashgar’.QBZ-95-1 – Complete all three endings for the campaign.P90 – Complete all three endings for the campaign.M249 – Complete all three endings for the campaign.Oct 31, 2013

How do you unlock the target detector in Battlefield 4?

The Target Detector is a weapon accessory featured in Battlefield 4: Final Stand, unlocked with the completion of the Eye Spy Assignment.

How do you unlock the phantom assignments?

Head over to the Assignments tab of your Battlelog profile. Scroll down to the Gold Assignments and you will see that the Phantom Trainee is now unlocked.

How do you unlock the M249 in Battlefield 4?

SPOILER ALERT!!!! You have to let Irish set the final bomb and you get it. Just do the last mission again. if you gave the c4 to the chinese woman give it now to Irish and you get M249.

How do you unlock the Phantom in Horrorfield?

The Phantom, also known as Scott Barns, is a Psycho that the player unlocks at level 11.