Quick Answer: How Do You Use Misleading In A Sentence?

What is a sentence for deception?

Examples of deception in a Sentence She accuses the company of willful deception in its advertising.

His many deceptions did not become known until years after he died..

What is an example of deception?

Deception is defined as an untrue falsehood, or is the act of lying to or tricking someone. An example of deception is when you tell someone you are 30 when really you are 40.

Is deception the same as lying?

Lying is a form of deception, but not all forms of deception are lies. Lying is giving some information while believing it to be untrue, intending to deceive by doing so. … The liar intends to deceive or mislead.

What word proves evidence wrong?

refutetransitive verb. 1 : to prove wrong by argument or evidence : show to be false or erroneous.

How do you mislead someone?

You mislead someone when you point them in the wrong direction, literally or metaphorically. If you let your cousin think an expensive gift is from you when you actually just sent her a card, you are misleading her.

What is a half truth called?

other words for half truth exaggeration. half-truth. harmless untruth. little white lie. mental dishonesty.

How do you use misinformation in a sentence?

There has been a very dangerous and irresponsible misinformation campaign. My final point is again about a matter of misinformation. I should like to ask him about information, or misinformation. There has been a fog of confusion and misinformation.

What is the synonym of misleading?

Some common synonyms of mislead are beguile, deceive, and delude. While all these words mean “to lead astray or frustrate usually by underhandedness,” mislead implies a leading astray that may or may not be intentional.

n. the act of misleading another through intentionally false statements or fraudulent actions. (

What is the antonym of misleading?

What is the opposite of misleading?frankstraightforwardnoticeableperceptibleperceivablevisiblediscernibledetectableobservabletangible96 more rows

What is the meaning of tasteless?

1a : having no taste : insipid tasteless vegetables. b : arousing no interest : dull. 2 : not having or exhibiting good taste a tasteless joke.

What does misinformation mean in English?

information that is not completely true or accurateEnglish Language Learners Definition of misinformation : information that is not completely true or accurate.

Is misinformed a word?

What is misinformation? Misinformation is “false information that is spread, regardless of intent to mislead.” Put a flag in the second half of this definition; it will be important later. The spread of misinformation happens often in our everyday lives.

What means deceive?

deceive, mislead, delude, beguile mean to lead astray or frustrate usually by underhandedness. deceive implies imposing a false idea or belief that causes ignorance, bewilderment, or helplessness.

What does misleading mean?

: to lead in a wrong direction or into a mistaken action or belief often by deliberate deceit His comments were a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.

What does mistreat mean?

transitive verb. : to treat badly : abuse. Other Words from mistreat Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about mistreat.

How do you spell miss information?

noun. false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead: In the chaotic hours after the earthquake, a lot of misinformation was reported in the news.

What does semisolid mean?

: having the qualities of both a solid and a liquid : highly viscous.