Quick Answer: What Happens When You Get 120 Shines In Super Mario Sunshine?

What do you do with the beam of light in Super Mario Sunshine?

So when approaching the light beam near the big shine sprite that powers the beach, go to the area that the light is shining down under.

Then simply turn towards the direction of the sun and CLICK ON THE RIGHT STICK so you can move the camera upward to look directly at the sun.

There you go!.

Is Mario Sunshine difficult?

Sunshine is easily the most hardest 3D Mario by far, as water is a primary mechanic in this title, and by using your water machine called F.L.U.D.D, you can do all kinds of awesome stuff.

Will there ever be a Super Mario Sunshine 2?

The demand for Super Mario Sunshine 2 definitely exists This game, subtitled Return to Delfino, was expected to include eight new courses and take some cues from Super Mario Galaxy. Um, sure. And in 2020, some modders mashed Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine into a playable retro project.

What happens when you get 20 Shine Sprites in Mario Sunshine?

Task #5 – Unlocking Noki Bay You must have 20 Shines to unlock Noki Bay. All that happens is a mysterious rainbow appears near the Dolphin Fountain by the canal in the center of town. If Mario stands in the center of the rainbow and looks at the sun, you will be sent to Noki Bay.

How many shine sprites do you need?

50The minimum number of Shine Sprites you need to complete the game is 50 (if the first one you get counts as one), because all you have to do to beat the game is like Zelda_Freek227 said, beat episode 7, the Shadow Mario chase, in all 7 worlds, then the way to the final boss will open.

Is Mario Sunshine worth playing?

Sunshine does feel good to play… most of the time. When it doesn’t, though, it really doesn’t, so much so that you kind of wish that Nintendo had spent more time making everything fit together a little better. It almost seems like some levels were designed without the new F.L.U.D.D.

How do I get past the goopy inferno?

By using the mushroom platforms and a swing underneath the village, the player can reach the panel they need to flip through. Wall Jumping out of the hole and jumping between the breaks in the burning goop will lead the player to F.L.U.D.D.

How many shines do you need to get Yoshi?

10 ShineTo unlock Yoshi, you’ll need to access the course Pinna Park. You’ll need to gather up 10 Shine Sprites, which will allow you to hop into a cannon at the northwest corner of Delfino Plaza to reach the area.

What is the hardest level in Super Mario Sunshine?

Hardest Levels in Super Mario Sunshine Delfino Plaza – Lily Pad Ride. … Corona Mountain. … Delfino Plaza – Pachinko Game. … Pinata Village – Secret of the Village Underside. … Galeto Beach – The Sand Bird is Born. … Gelato Beach – The Watermelon Festival. … Pinata Village – The Goopy Inferno. … Pinna Park – Roller Coaster Balloons.More items…

How many shines do you need to fight Bowser?

After you have gained 40 Cat Shines, you can challenge Fury Bowser again at any of the three Giga Bells in Lake Lapcat. Like the last fight, he will retreat after losing half his health, and you’ll need to obtain at least 50 Cat Shines to finish this fight.

How do you get to the final boss in Super Mario Sunshine?

Unlike Super Mario 64, the game doesn’t give the player clear instructions on how to open the pathway to the final boss. To do it, the player will need to complete every Shadow Mario episode in each level. This means the player will need to reach episode 7 for all of the main levels in the game.

How do you get back to the airstrip in Super Mario Sunshine?

After Shadow Mario floods Delfino Plaza, a man in a boat along the west docks of Delfino Plaza will offer to take you back to the Airstrip for 10 Coins. Return to the cabana whose doors you blew open when collecting the red coins, and melt the ice cube to reveal a Blue Coin.

What happens when you 100% Mario Sunshine?

You get it after just completing the game, regardless of how many Shines you’ve got. you will just get an ending screen featuring every character in the game when you’ve collected 120 shines. that’s all.

How many shines do you need to beat Sunshine?

50 ShinesThere are a total of 120 Shine Sprites in Super Mario Sunshine. You’ll only need to collect 50 Shines to “beat the game.” Collecting all of them will earn you a different ending and of course, bragging rights.

Does Mario Sunshine have a secret ending?

To unlock the secret ending, the player needs to collect all 120 Shine Sprites scattered around Isle Delfino. This includes all of the Shines from the levels as well as the ones from the blue coins hidden around each level and in the hub world.