What Is The Best Weapon For Xiao?

Is Thundersoother or thundering fury better for keqing?

Thundersoother is both offensive and defensive.

Keqing being an Electro character, she can play both roles.

Damage wise, I believe it would be the same.

However, if you want to pair Keqing with a Pyro, Cryo and/ or Hydro character for reactions, Thundering Fury is the best choices..

Are the Dragonspine weapons good?

The Dragonspine weapons are available for all Free to Play players and the sub-stats for all the weapons (except Festering Desire) can be extremely useful. Levelling the weapons to Level 90 will also give a 69% DMG Bonus which would greatly benefit your Main DPS character.

Where can I get a 5 star artifact in Genshin impact?

You won’t be able to start farming 5-star Artifacts until Adventure Rank 40, but you do have a very slim chance of seeing them drop from Weekly World Bosses like Stormterror and Boreas at around Adventure Rank 30.

What is the best sword for keqing?

Best Weapons RankedRatingWeaponBestAquila FavoniaSecond BestThe Black SwordThird BestPrototype RancourMar 29, 2021

Is Xiao the best DPS?

So, is it? For the most part, yes. Xiao can dish out upwards of 20,000+ to 40,000+ damage per plunge and this is for as long as Xiao has health to spare. It’s a risky fighting style but is nevertheless one of the most consistent damage out of all DPS characters in Genshin Impact.

Is Xiao better than Diluc?

In terms of attack speed, Xiao surpasses Diluc, as Claymore wielding characters have slower attacking speed compared to other weapon carriers. Polearm users can dish out multiple hits per second, whereas claymore users are usually slower because of the heavy weapon mechanism.

Is deathmatch a good weapon for Xiao?

The best weapons for Xiao are: … Deathmatch: This 4-star weapon provides Xiao with an additional 16% attack damage and 16% amplified defensive stats whenever there are two or more enemies near him. Attack damage is increased by 24% whenever there is a single enemy near Xiao.

What is the best artifact set for Xiao?

Best Artifacts For XiaoSetBonusesMartial ArtistIncreases Normal Attack and Charged Attack DMG by 15%. After using Elemental skill, increase Normal Attack and Charge DMG by 25% for 8s.Brave HeartATK +18% Increases DMG by 30% against enemies with more than 50% HP.4 more rows•Jan 26, 2021

Is Dragonspine Spear good for Xiao?

Personally, I find dragonspine spear not compatible for Xiao because its sub skills are physical damage bonus that won’t help Xiao with his elemental burst. So yeah, forget about those, just use the royal spear.

How do I get Dragonspine spear?

The Dragonspine Spear can be obtained by gathering the materials and crafting it in the Festering Fangs Quest. After completing the quest you will also recieve the Crafting Blueprints.

Does Xiao do swirl damage?

Xiao’s element is Anemo Anemo provides Swirl damage to Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, and Electro elements and generates even more elemental reactions like Vaporize and Melt along with it.

Is Crescent Pike good for Xiao?

Crescent Pike will be good on Xiao. All polearm characters are very normal-attack reliant, and Xiao will be the same. These extra “hits” will also be applied to his normal attacks in his ultimate form as well.

Is keqing better than razor?

Razor gains Physical Damage and he also hits harder but less often than Keqing. Overall, Razor is used for pure physical DPS while Keqing is used for electro damage. But on a vacuum, Keqing is better overall.

Which is better electro or physical keqing?

The damage is significantly reduced compared to Electro Keqing. This does not mean that physical Keqing is necessarily weaker than the electro variant, however, Physical Keqing loses the character’s innate mobility.

Is the primordial Jade winged spear good?

The Jade Winged Spear, no contest. … This spear was made for him. For other characters it’s a toss-up. Jade has higher stats, a crit rate boost, and a easy to achieve all damage boost, but the Crescent Pike’s abilities are VERY good at R5 and outclass the Jade at dealing pure physical damage.

Does 4 piece Gladiator work on Xiao?

Xiao spam plunge attacks. Glad 4 doesn’t help plunge attacks. Well Gladiator will work for his normal attacks even when they’re enhanced by the Q, but the deal breaker for full Glad on Xiao is that it doesn’t improve plunging attack damage, while VV 2pc does.

What weapon does Xiao use Genshin?

In GameWeaponElementPolearmAnemo

Is Deathmatch good Genshin impact?

Deathmatch is obtainable from the battle pass in Genshin Impact. The weapon provides CRIT Rate as its secondary stat, making it a viable weapon for DPS characters. Although there is higher damage output with the Crit hits, it is not beneficial if players prefer the elemental reaction meta.