What Level Should I Be To Beat Hades Cup?

How many rounds are in the Hades Paradox Cup?

Hades Paradox CupLevel99Rounds50MissionsGive it a try.

Win with a score of 15,000 or more.RewardsHades Cup Trophy6 more rows•Feb 23, 2021.

What level should you be to fight Sephiroth in kh1?

For a fair fight I’d say 70, but if still too difficult go for 80. Otherwise if you want to go for pro, lvl 60-65.

What level should I be for Hercules Cup?

level 40You should have no problems beating the whole game as long as you’re at least level 40.

How do you beat Hades and cloud and Leon Cup?

It’s actually really easy, you just need to know what to do. First of all, you have to take out Cloud first, let Goofy and Donald distract Leon. when Cloud does his Sonic attack, guard it twice for Cloud to flinch and you can attack him then. Just continue to do this while avoiding Leon, which is not hard.

How do you beat the Rock Titan?

Make use of Aeroga and heal when necessary. Alternatively, equip a powerful Keyblade—Lionheart, Oblivion, or Ultima Weapon—and repeatedly attack the legs with Ars Arcanum or Sonic Blade until he falls down. Then, just keep using Ars Arcanum on the heads, as it will deal a large amount of damage.

What is the best Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts: 10 Best Keyblades (& How To Get Them)1 Divine Rose.2 Ultima Weapon. … 3 One Winged Angel. … 4 Lionheart. … 5 Olympia. … 6 Diamond Dust. … 7 Spellbinder. … 8 Lady Luck. … More items…•Feb 21, 2020

How do I stop Sephiroth Heartless Angel?

Heartless Angel is used prominently in Sephiroth’s boss battles. The move drains Sora of MP, and will leave him with 1 HP. Heartless Angel can be cancelled out if Sephiroth is struck amid the casting motion, as it takes a few moments to cast.

What level should I be to fight Sephiroth?

well, actually you are pretty underleveled to fight him right now, i mean you could, you would have maybe a little bit of trouble, but i’d say wait around level 55-60 than you’d be more of a proper match. If you were any higher, than sephiroth could be somewhat easier.

How do you beat Sephiroth in kh1?

TipsKeep attacking, even if you don’t see his HP gauge go down. … When he summons the explosion from the ground, if you look carefully, it rises in separate columns. … Try to get Ultima Weapon before facing him. … Remember to Cure yourself if your HP gets below 50%.

How do you get the Ultima Weapon in kh1?

Obtained: The Ultima Weapon must be created in the Synthesis Workshop in Traverse Town. The player must synthesize all 30 items in the workshop for the Ultima Weapon to become unlocked.

How do you beat Ice Titan?

The Ice Titan’s primary method of attack is firing ice shards at Sora. Deflecting these ice shards back at the Ice Titan by using Guard is also the key to defeating the Ice Titan. Each time Sora deflects an ice shard, he is rewarded with 24 Tech Points (125 in Final Mix, with all Tech Boosts equipped).

How do you unlock Pain and Panic Paradox cups?

The Pain and Panic Paradox Cup is a harder form of the Pain and Panic Cup, with all enemies capped at level 60. It is unlocked after completing the Goddess of Fate Cup.

What level should you be for Hollow Bastion?

At Hollow Bastion, around 45-50. End game around 60 since this is your first run-through, any lower might prove difficult depending on your abilities.

What do you get when you beat the Hades cup?

Beating Hades upgrades you to Graviga and you receive Ansem’s Report 8 .

How do you unlock Hades Paradox Cup?

RequirementsAll Drive Forms and Summons must be on level 7 in both II and Final Mix.To unlock the cup you have to complete Space Paranoids for the second time.

How do you beat Hades Hades cup?

Just keep whittling him down by using Blizzard to negate his fire-based attacks and Ars Arcanum. Keep drilling into Hades until he finally collapses, and you’ll be rewarded with upgraded Gravity magic and Ansem’s Report 8.

How do you beat Hades in KHFM?

When he is red continue to move away from him until he is about to throw his fire ball. You can then GUARD it back at him to make him dizzy. When he spins with the fire wall you can just lock on to him and run around with it to prevent damage.