How Do You Spend Coins In Homescapes?

What is the hardest level on homescapes?

Level 385Homescapes Super Hard Level 385 – YouTube..

What does the sledgehammer do in homescapes?

It removes pieces and obstacles without losing a move, only it’s more powerful than the Hammer. If you hit a piece or an obstacle with the Sledgehammer, you’ll remove one row and one column of elements, just like the Rocket+Rocket combination.

Why are gardenscapes ads so bad?

“Because the ads were not representative of the games they were purported to feature, we concluded that they were misleading.” It ruled the ads must not appear again – and told Playrix to make sure ads represented its games in future.

Is there a game that is actually like the homescapes ad?

Hero Rescue Is That Game (Sort Of) There’s 2 versions of the fake game ad that can be seen all over the internet: The Homescapes/Gardenscapes “choose the right tool” version, and the “save the princess” version. … Hero Rescue has 270 levels of exactly the type of gameplay advertised in those fake ads.

How many levels are there currently in homescapes?

6080 levelsCurrently there are 6080 levels (with Playrix trying their very best to release 30 new levels every Thursday). Players who have finished the main course of levels can compete in the Tournament of Champions.

Is homescapes harder than gardenscapes?

Gardenscapes levels are not particularly difficult, but some levels take a few tries to complete. On the other hand, Homescapes levels feel harder in comparison to Gardenscapes. Many more levels are harder to complete, especially Hard and Super Hard levels. … In Gardenscapes, I did not have this experience.

How do you use planes in homescapes?

The Double Paper Planes booster can be activated before the start a level. Just tap its icon in the window before the start. The booster won’t show up on the field, but you’ll automatically get twice as many Planes in the level after it’s activated.

How does the generator work in homescapes?

The Generator produces pieces and other game elements (cookies, donuts, power-ups and combos etc.). You can activate it by freeing up space under it, which you do by matching pieces, detonating power-ups, or using boosters down. The generator shows the elements inside it.

Why is gardenscapes so addictive?

Our brain is constantly looking for patterns and rewards us for finding them. In this sense, a match 3 board is like a playing ground for the brain. The feedback loop it enhances is addicting.

How do you get free lives on homescapes?

2) Go to the settings of your iOS or Android device. 3) Turn Airplane mode on. 4) Go to your date and time and turn your auto date and time off so you are able to change the current day date to the following day. When you now open Homescapes you will have a full 5 lives again.

How do you get more lives on homescapes?

Your lives also get refilled at the start of a new in-game day. You can see how many lives you have and how much time you have left until one is refilled in the top left corner of the mansion screen. You can also use 900 coins to refill lives or request them from your friends or teammates.

Are homescapes hacks safe?

A safe game environment for all players is our top priority, so we do our best to make Homescapes a fair and interesting game for everyone. … Our system automatically detects hacked accounts and limits certain features in the game for them. Be careful and avoid scammers at all costs!

How do you get rid of coins on fishdom?

You need to drop them down to the bottom of the field by making matches or detonating power-ups under them.

How do you get more coins on fishdom?

How to get free Coins in Fishdom?Play match-3 levels. Beating them earns you coins.Feed your fish and your friends’ fish. Happy fish reward you with a few coins.Clean your aquarium on a regular basis. You’ll get coins as a reward.You can also sell decorations or fish you no longer need.

What is the last room in homescapes?

The Living Room is the fifth room that Austin restored in the Mansion.

Is homescapes just candy crush?

The game is free to play with in-app purchases, allowing the player to purchase the in-game, fictional currency with real-world money. Functionally, it works similar to Candy Crush Saga, allowing the player to purchase the ability to retry levels upon failing them.

What are coins used for in homescapes?

Coins can be used to buy items boosters or buy more lives to continue playing the game. Coins are also used to buy decorations in the house. With important roles in Homescapes, coins should be used in a scientific way, and you should try to earn as many coins as possible.

What are the coins for in fishdom?

For each level you complete, you get gold coins. Use them to equip aquariums.

How do you use homescapes boosters?

Tap the icon in the pre-level window to activate them. The booster won’t show up on the field, but you’ll get twice as many Planes on the level when you activate them. And if you can match two Planes, you’ll launch five, each with its own target.

Can you talk to your fish on fishdom?

Can I talk to my fish? Unfortunately, not at the moment. But watch them closely, as they are always happy to share their thoughts with you.