How Do You Unlock The GOL Magnum?

What is the best DMR in Battlefield 4?

ACE 53 SVRFB is like the 3rd or 4th best DMR, not sure what you’re on about but the ACE 53 SV is the best DMR.

I just use the SCAR-H SV since it looks good and it’s not far off from the ACE.

The SKS and QBU are terrible though, the M39 is good for CQ..

How many kill assists for ribbon bf4?

5 Kill AssistsTeam RibbonsRibbonDescriptionKill Assist RibbonPerform 5 Kill AssistsAvenger RibbonPerform 2 avenger killsSavior RibbonPerform 2 savior killsSpotting RibbonPerform 4 spot bonuses3 more rows•Nov 8, 2013

How many guns are in bf4?

84Among the 84 primary weapons currently in the game, how many of them do you think are being used?

How do you get the SR338 in Battlefield 4?

The SR338 is a semi-automatic Sniper Rifle introduced in the Battlefield 4: Naval Strike expansion, and is the only semi-automatic sniper rifle in the game (aside from the M82A3 Battle Pickup). It is unlocked upon completion of the Always Deadly assignment.

What is the best gun in bf4?

The SAR-21 has the highest stability rating which means low recoil and high accuracy. Set the gun to auto and feather the right trigger to simulate burst fire for accuracy at long range. On Zavod 311 in Conquest, Jonno is using the AK 5C Carbine with Stubby Grip, Suppressor and Reflex [RDS] equipped.

Is the CS5 good bf4?

Battlefield 4 The weapon comes equipped with a Rifle Scope and its speciality CS5 Suppressor by default. … Coupled with the fact that it also suffers very little velocity decrease from the use of suppressors, the CS5 is well suited for short range engagements where other sniper rifles would be at a large disadvantage.

What are the Naval Strike maps?

MapsLost Islands.Nansha Strike.Wave Breaker.Operation Mortar.

How do you get a jet fighter ribbon?

The easiest way to get the Jet ribbon is Paracel Storm and it is with the Attack Jet. Equip with laser guided bomb, hit an attack boat once and you can pretty much finish off with a strafe from the main guns.

What is the best carbine in bf4?

The ACW-R only ranks as #1 in 4 of 5 and the MTAR ranks #1 in 5 of 5. The MTAR is not as accurate as the ACW-R but the MTAR is statistically better and therefore scores higher.

What is the best sniper in bf4?

SCOUT ELITE. Scout is the fastest sniper rifle in the game. apart from its high rate of fire, it is also the most accurate while hip-shooting, and has an incredibly high muzzle velocity.

What is a sniper rifle ribbon in bf4?

Sniper Rifle Ribbon. Kill 6 enemies with any Sniper Rifle. 200 Points. LMG Ribbon. Kill 6 enemies with any LMG.