Is Sora A Riku?

Why was Riku jealous of Sora?

Riku was envious of Sora because he wanted to be more like him, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

So Riku uses this new awareness to become better, stronger, for Sora and himself.

By DDD, he has understood that he and Sora need each other, that they make each other stronger just by being who they are..

Is Sora in love with Kairi?

Tbf sora realized that he’s in love with her at the end of the game, in that light in the darkness scene. Before he had a crush on kairi and probably didn’t understand that very well at his young age. Like he said he doesn’t know much about love.

Is Sora stronger than Naruto?

Sora is Faster, more Durable, Stronger, more experinced and has more hax. Sure Naruto’s clones can keep him busy but it’s nothing Sora hasn’t delt with before.

Why is Sora so special?

So basically, Sora is a special keyblade weilder because unlike riku, kairi, and the other keyblade weilders, the power of the keyblade was not passed to him. … He sacrifices himself in order to release Kairi’s heart. His Nobody. Obviously Roxas plays a role in Sora’s reputation.

Who is Sora’s crush?

KairiEarly on in the game with flirtation, sentiment moments, and showmanship you can tell Sora has a huge crush on Kairi. (Not to mention the “love drawings” on a cave wall by the both of them).

Does Riku love Sora?

Kingdom Hearts is in the same boat as The Legend of Korra. Sora and Riku are very affectionate with each other, and have a level of comfortability that would very naturally translate into a romantic relationship with each other.

Is Riku jealous of Sora?

Riku admitted that he had always been jealous of Sora but the best thing about him was having him for a friend. Sora returned the exact same sentiment. The Door to Light eventually opened and they returned to the Destiny Islands together.

Why does Riku look younger in kh3?

User Info: Hirokey123. Their age and clothes are courtesy of Yensid’s magic, it was to get rid of their old self-taught skills so they could learn how to use the keyblade properly without that self-taught stuff getting in the way.

Why is it called Dream Drop Distance?

The switches between player characters Sora and Riku across the game are meant to contrast the style from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, which allowed the player to use three characters in their own campaigns, as well as explain the word “Distance” in the title because the two characters never interact across their …

Are Riku and Sora friends?

Riku is a life-long friend and rival of Sora, and he plays a key role in the Kingdom Hearts Series. Riku is from Destiny Islands and is a childhood friend of Sora and Kairi.

Who’s stronger Sora or Riku?

Riku has always been stronger than Sora when it comes to his own strength. This much should be obvious based on the fact Riku has a strong physical build, as opposed to Sora’s skin and bones. Even in Re:CoM, Riku has high jump by default because he’s more athletic, while Sora has to acquire the skill by other means.

Why do Sora and Riku look younger?

Sora and Riku are in their younger bodies simply because of Yen Sid’s magic to sort of help with the whole starting over from the beginning for the Mark of Mastery thing. The spell wears off when they get back to Yen Sid’s tower. It has nothing to do with them being in the realm of sleep.

Who is the strongest keyblade wielder?

TerraTHIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS (This is just my opinion. Terra is obviously under Xehanort by KH3.)

How did Riku get a new Keyblade?

In order to obtain a Keyblade though, you need to be Bequeathed. Terra Bequeathed Riku in Birth by Sleep. … During that moment, Kingdom Key saw Sora’s heart as stronger than Riku’s since Riku was falling to darkness and chose Sora instead and jumped over to him. Sora is able to wield it because he has a strong heart.

Is Riku the true Keyblade Master?

New member. Riku was the real keyblade master, but chose darkness over light, so the keyblade chose Sora instead.

Is Dream Drop Distance worth playing?

Yes it’s a very fun and enjoyable game. Ignoring story since that’s subjective as hell there are two controversial elements that make or break the game for a lot of people. This is the drop gauge (which can be easily managed) and Dream Eaters.

Who is Riku’s other me?

Maybe this other me is just Riku himself. Being in the realm of darkness, Riku leaves behind the way to the dawn, but if you notice, the only part of the keyblade that remains is the half forged with darkness. This “other me” is most likely in reference to his past self, for which he is leaving behind.

Who is Sora’s girlfriend?

KairiKairi is the tritagonist of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. Kairi is also a Princess of Heart, one of seven maidens whose hearts hold no darkness but only pure light, and is needed to open the Final Keyhole to Kingdom Hearts. She is Sora and Riku’s best friend and Sora’s love interest.

Is Riku in love with Kairi?

Riku didn’t love her. He was just super envious of Sora, and wanted to be the hero. That involved being the one to rescue Kairi so he could one-up him. Then he realized he was being an insecure b**** and had a redemption arc in COM and KH2.