Is Zaminkand Edible Underground Stem?

Which is edible underground stem?

PotatoPotato – Edible underground stem..

Is turmeric an underground stem?

Turmeric is the rhizome or underground stem (rhizome) of a ginger-like plant.

Is an edible underground stem potato groundnut Sweet Potato Carrot?

Carrot and sweet potato are root modifications while edible part of groundnut is seeds. Potato is an edible underground stem.

Which of the following is an underground stem?

Examples of underground stems include corms, such as taro (left); rhizomes, such as ginger (center); and tubers, such as potatoes (right).

Is Zaminkand edible?

Many underground stems such as onion, potatoes, ginger, yam and taro are edible stems. From the above information we know that Zaminkand have a corm type of stem modification. Hence, the correct answer is option (C).

What is the function of stem?

The primary functions of the stem are to support the leaves; to conduct water and minerals to the leaves, where they can be converted into usable products by photosynthesis; and to transport these products from the leaves to other parts of the plant, including the roots.

What is the underground stem of an onion plant called?

Bulb, in botany, a modified stem that is the resting stage of certain seed plants, particularly perennial monocotyledons. A bulb consists of a relatively large, usually globe-shaped, underground bud with membraneous or fleshy overlapping leaves arising from a short stem.

Does Zaminkand store food in STEM?

Plants whose stems are modified to store food are potato, ginger, turmeric, Colocasia and Zaminkand.

Is Sugarcane an underground stem?

Answer. true statement:Sugarcane produces branches that grow from below the surface of the soil. The underground portion of the stem tapers rapidly and from the lateral buds of this region and shoots develops. These are called tillers.

Is Carrot an underground stem?

Potato – An underground stem called a tuber. 2. Carrot – A modified tap root. … Turmeric- An underground stem known as ‘rhizome’.

Is sweet potato an underground stem?

Unlike the potato, which is a tuber, or thickened stem, the sweetpotato that we eat is the storage root of the plant; an enlarged lateral root. The plant reproduces in three ways: from seed, from the actual storage roots, or from the plant vines.

What is edible part of a plant known as?

The edible parts of plants are called flower, leave, fruit, root, tuber and seed. Explanation: The edible portion is the peduncle stem tissue, flower buds and some small leaves. The edible portion is proliferated peduncle and flower tissue. The various parts of plants which are used as food material.

Which stem we eat as vegetables?

Here are some of the most common vegetable stems that we eat.Asparagus.Celery.Rhubarb.Broccoli.Cauliflower.Bamboo shoots.Brussels sprouts.Kohlrabi.More items…•Jun 10, 2020

Which plant stores food in their stem?

The plants which store food in their stem are cactus, bamboo, pineapple, potato, ginger, onion, banana, etc. Note: The underground modification of stem is called rhizome. It is a fleshy and horizontal stem found below the surface of the soil. In these, some small nodes and internodes are found.

What are the examples of edible stem?

Edible stems include celery, asparagus, bamboo shoots, rhubarb, and sugar cane. Other plant stems are also edible, such as broccoli and cauliflower, even though they are not necessarily grown for their stems. Many interesting products come from stems.

Which is not a stem modification?

So, the correct answer is ‘Pitcher of Nepenthes’.

Where is food stored in potato and ginger?

In potato and ginger plants, the food is stored in the underground parts. Ginger and potato are underground stems; while Potato is a tuber, Ginger is a rhizome and the food is stored in them in the form of starch though it is prepared in the leaves.

Is onion an underground stem?

An onion is a modified underground stem structure. The onion plant stores its processed food in the bulged leaf structure at the base. This bulged structure is the onion.

Where does plant store their food?

rootsPlants mostly store their food sources in their roots. Plants generate their own food through photosynthesis. The survival of most living species is reliant on plants.

Is garlic an underground stem?

The underground stems grow under the ground. There are different types of underground stems such as rhizomes, tuber, corn and bulb. Onion and garlic are also examples of underground stems that are bulbs.

Is an underground stem?

Underground stems are modified plants that derive from stem tissue but exist under the soil surface. … The roots are modified to have root hairs and branch indiscriminately with cells that take in water and nutrients, while the stems are modified to move water and nutrients to and from the leaves and flowers.