Question: How Can I Turn My Alcatel One Touch On Without The Power Button?

How do I turn my Alcatel One Touch on if the power button is broken?

2 Answers.

Hold down the power button and Volume down simultaneously.

Hold for about three seconds then release both..

How do I unfreeze my Alcatel phone?

Hold volume down + power for about 5 seconds, this restarted the phone. Release buttons when the Alcatel logo appears. It’s working great now!

Why is my Alcatel phone not turning on?

Disconnect the battery for at least 10 secs, then replace the upper right volume control plastic, and reassemble the two parts, pressing them together. Then hold the power button for 60 sec. The phone will appear to loose its mind often. … than restart the phone and see if it turn on .

Where is my power button?

The Power button: The Power button is on the top-right side of the phone. Press it for a second, and the screen lights up. Press it for a second while the phone is on and the phone goes into sleep mode. To shut down the phone completely, simply press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.

How can I unlock my Android without the power button?

Wave to Unlock and Lock Your Phone You can replace the power key with your hands as well. An app called WaveUp lets you wake up or lock the phone by hovering your hand over the proximity sensors. Similar to Gravity Screen, WaveUp can turn on the screen when you pull the phone out of your pocket.

What do I do if my power button is broken?

Ways to restart your device with a damaged power button when the device is OFF.Once all your charge is depleted, simply connecting your device to the charger may restart your device. … Try connecting to a PC or a laptop via USB cable. … If you have USB debugging enabled, then you can restart your device using ADB commands.

How do I turn on my Alcatel phone?

First-time useMake sure the battery and SIM card are inserted: Insert the battery. Insert the SIM card.From any Home screen, tap the All apps icon.Tap Setup.To skip the Setup guide, tap Skip all.Tap Get started.Select desired language: English. Espanol.Tap Next.If desired, follow instructions to set up Wi-Fi.More items…

How do you fix a Alcatel One Touch that wont turn on?

Try each of these steps if your device doesn’t turn on.Verify that your ALCATEL ONETOUCH PIXI 7 has a sufficient charge. … Verify that your device and charging port are not damaged. … Verify that you are using a compatible charger. … Attempt a forced restart of the device. … Attempt a hardware factory reset.Aug 3, 2016

How do you turn on your phone if the power button is not working?

Volume Button Make sure your phone battery has enough charge for the phone to actually run. Hold down the volume down key and connect your phone via USB cable to your PC. Keep the volume button held down until you see a boot menu. Select the ‘Start’ option using your volume keys, and your phone will power on.

How do I take the back off my Alcatel phone?

Locate the notch on the bottom left side of the device and lift to remove the back cover. Lift up on the notch on the top of the battery to remove it from the phone.

How do I force restart my Alcatel One Touch?

Master reset with hardware keysBack up data on the internal memory.Turn off the device.Remove the back cover.Remove the SIM card.Wait several seconds then re-install the SIM card and replace the back cover.Press and hold down the Volume up key and the Power button at the same time until a menu screen appears.More items…

How do I know my Alcatel is charging?

The phone is fully charged when the battery indicator, located in the top right corner of the screen, is completely filled.

How do I reboot my Alcatel phone?

ProcedurePower off the phone and unplug any USB or power cables from the phone. … At the same time, press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons.Release the keys when you see the Alcatel logo and/or feel a vibration.When you see Android Recovery, use the Volume Down key to scroll to wipe data/factory reset.More items…

What is the default password for Alcatel phones?

The default SSID is “Alcatel LINKZONE + the last 4 digits of the IMEI” and the default Wi-Fi password is the last 8 digits of the IMEI.

How do I turn my Alcatel One Touch on?

Turning the Phone On and OffPress and hold the Power/Lock key to turn the phone on.To turn the phone off, press and hold the Power/Lock key.Tap Power Off.

How can I turn my phone on without the power button?

Almost every Android phone comes with scheduled power on/ off feature built right into the Settings. So, if you want to turn on your phone without using the power button, head to Settings > Accessibility > Scheduled Power On/Off (settings may vary across different devices).

How much does it cost to repair power button?

The repair costs around 50-60$ US for the power button.

Is the Alcatel go flip a smartphone?

Because this isn’t a full Android device, it can’t use Google’s Find My Phone feature, so KaiOS set up its own—if you set up a KaiOS account, it will help you find a lost phone.

Can Alcatel phones be unlocked?

Unlocking your Alcatel phone has never been easier with Our Alcatel Unlocking process is safe, easy to use, simple and 100% guaranteed. This is the same method Networks and Carriers will use and charge you $50 and over to unlock your phone.