Question: How Do You Unlock The Phantom Assignments?

What are two valid ways to unlock a snowball edge device?

Save both the client unlock code and the manifest file.

On the Edge device screen, get the IP of the Edge device from the Connection tab.

Then unlock the device by using the snowballEdge unlock command with the IP and the credentials information..

How do you unlock the snowball edge device?

Connect the Ethernet cable (typically an RJ45 cable), open the front panel, and power the device on. On the Connect to your device page, for IP address, enter the IP address of your device, and choose Next. Enter your device client unlock code and choose Upload to upload the device manifest. Then choose Unlock.

How do I unlock phantom operative?

Step by step instructions to unlock the Phantom Bow and Phantom Operative.Complete All Previous Phantom Assignments. … Find One or More of the Final Stand Dog Tags. … Wear the Dog Tags, Weapon and Soldier Camouflage. … Step onto the Elevator on Hanger 21. … Input the Code into the Keypad.More items…•Nov 26, 2014

How do you get phantom camo in bf4?

To complete the Phantom Trainee award requirements and unlock the Phantom Camo, you’ll need to score 200 kills with pistols, Score 20 kills in a jet, and get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round.

Where is the phantom bow in bf4?

It will be located near a weapons cache under a small underpass. A grey weapons crate is located on-top of a green crate facing the Ghost Town; meleeing this crate will result in a bright white light similar to a Flashbang grenade, and inside of the box is the Phantom Bow.

How do you get the P90 in Battlefield 4?

The P90 is one of three guns awarded for completing the campaign, alongside the QBZ-95-1 and M249, with the P90 unlocked through the Peace Maker assignment.

What map has the Phantom Bow?

Operation Outbreak mapYou can find it in the cave between E and C on the Operation Outbreak map.

How do you unlock snowball?

To unlock the AWS Snowball Edge device, run the snowballEdge unlock-device command. To run this command, the AWS Snowball Edge device that you use for your job must be onsite, plugged into power and network, and turned on.