Question: Is Misinformed A Word?

What misinformed mean?

: wrongly or badly informed: such as.

a : having wrong or inaccurate information about a topic He was slightly misinformed on a few points of the discussion..

What does semisolid mean?

: having the qualities of both a solid and a liquid : highly viscous.

How do you use discount in a sentence?

[S] [T] Tom asked for a discount. ( … [S] [T] Can you give me a discount? ( … [S] [T] Tom wants a bigger discount. ( … [S] [T] Could you give me a discount? ( … [S] [T] Tom wanted a bigger discount. ( … [S] [T] Would you give me a discount? ( … [S] [T] Can’t you discount it a little? ( … [S] [T] We give a 10% discount for cash. (More items…

How do you spell misinformed?

Misinformation refers to false information, regardless of whether or not it’s intended to mislead or deceive people. Disinformation, in contrast, refers to false information that’s spread with the specific intent of misleading or deceiving people.

Is Disinformed a word?

dis·in·form To give disinformation to. [Back-formation from disinformation.]

What’s the meaning of discount?

The noun discount refers to an amount or percentage deducted from the normal selling price of something. If you wait until after the holiday, you can often buy goods at a steep discount — just make sure you need all that stuff. The noun discount means a reduction in price of a good or service.

What does semidarkness mean?

partial darkness: partial darkness. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about semidarkness.

Is lotion a semi solid or liquid?

The semisolid dosage forms include ointments, creams, gels, or pastes, while the liquid dosage forms include lotions that may be an emulsion, suspension, or a solution (Buhse et al., 2005). Ointments usually contain <20% of water and >50% hydrocarbons, waxes, or polyols as vehicles.

What is the root word of uninformed?

uninformed (adj.) 1590s, from un- (1) “not” + past participle of inform.

How do you mislead someone?

You mislead someone when you point them in the wrong direction, literally or metaphorically. If you let your cousin think an expensive gift is from you when you actually just sent her a card, you are misleading her.

What is another word for mislead?

Mislead Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for mislead?deceivefooldeludehoodwinkmisinformmisguidebeguilebluffcondupe233 more rows

What word proves evidence wrong?

refutetransitive verb. 1 : to prove wrong by argument or evidence : show to be false or erroneous.

What is semisolid gold?

Semi-solid is a misleading term that just means “hollow“. As in “not hard“. The chain is not solid through-and-through. It’s hollowed out inside, meaning it’s lightweight, could, and probably would, CRUSH! So doing a search for “14k solid gold chain” actually brings up chains that are not solid, nor even real gold.

How do you use mislead in a sentence?

Mislead sentence exampleWe must not, however, let this mislead us. … It must not mislead by distortion, undue emphasis or omission. … He then again said he really wanted to remain friends and he hadn’t meant to mislead me. … Never mislead your intended mark with news that could be perceived as dangerous.More items…

How do you use misinform in a sentence?

The parents had been misinformed about the incident.Don ' t misinform your doctor nor your lawyer.They were deliberately misinformed about their rights.They had been misinformed about the time of the meeting.He has been misinformed by members of his own party.I regret to say you have been misinformed .Jun 12, 2017

What means mislead?

transitive verb. : to lead in a wrong direction or into a mistaken action or belief often by deliberate deceit His comments were a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.