Quick Answer: How Do You Get More Coins On Homescapes?

How many levels is homescapes?

6080 levelsLevels are the main objective of Homescapes, each with a new puzzle to solve and different Elements to mix up things.

Currently there are 6080 levels (with Playrix trying their very best to release 30 new levels every Thursday)..

Which is better gardenscapes or homescapes?

Gardenscapes shines with lots of content and Homescapes with challenging levels. If you are looking for a long term puzzle game, Gardenscapes should be your choice, as you do not miss out on a lot of features that Homescapes offers.

How do you use planes in homescapes?

The Double Paper Planes booster can be activated before the start a level. Just tap its icon in the window before the start. The booster won’t show up on the field, but you’ll automatically get twice as many Planes in the level after it’s activated.

What is the hardest level in homescapes?

Level 385Homescapes Super Hard Level 385 – YouTube.

How many stars does it take to complete homescapes?

The mansion takes about 2500 stars, meaning you have to complete Level 2374(no hacks or purchases).

How long does it take to beat homescapes?

Around 90 hoursAround 90 hours, according to 4 GameFAQs users who told us how long it took them to beat it.

Does homescapes need wifi?

While offline, you probably cannot request lives or receive them. In Fishdom we can play offline too but if there is a competition going, it will not register our gains while offline.

Do you have to pay for homescapes?

Homescapes is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device’s Restrictions menu.

Are homescapes hacks safe?

A safe game environment for all players is our top priority, so we do our best to make Homescapes a fair and interesting game for everyone. … Our system automatically detects hacked accounts and limits certain features in the game for them. Be careful and avoid scammers at all costs!

How do you get boosters in homescapes?

How do I get more boosters?Collect your daily bonus for a chance at finding a booster.Earn stars: each one of them gets you a booster.Take part in events and competitions. … You can buy sets of diamonds and boosters in the Store as an in-app purchase.More items…

How do you beat level 60 on homescapes?

The easiest way to beat the level is by removing chains and laying carpet as early as possible. Leave the apples on the upper platter for the time being, as they’ll be collected automatically. Instead, focus on collecting apples from the lower platter and laying carpet.

Is homescapes rigged?

Both Homescapes and Gardenscapes are rigged against the player to force you to spend money, which I refuse to do. I’ve been trying to beat levels to earn holiday decorations, have played 75 to 100 times and can’t beat a level on either game.

What is the gold reserve in homescapes?

When the Gold Reserve offer is on, you get bonus coins for each level you beat. Those coins are stored in a special safe. Once the number of coins in it reaches the amount indicated in the offer, you’ll have the chance to buy them at a great price.

How do you cheat in homescapes?

2) Go to the settings of your iOS or Android device. 3) Turn Airplane mode on. 4) Go to your date and time and turn your auto date and time off so you are able to change the current day date to the following day. When you now open Homescapes you will have a full 5 lives again.

What do coins do in homescapes?

In-game coins They’re used for several things: – Buying boosters; – Buying additional moves or time while playing levels; – Refilling lives.

What is the last room in homescapes?

The Living Room is the fifth room that Austin restored in the Mansion.

Why are homescapes ads fake?

The ads, for the Homescapes and Gardenscapes games, both come from developer Playrix. … Some mobile game developers “are actively targeting consumers that are more likely to pay for in-app purchases, or sit through a higher number of ads,” explained Matthew Bailey, a games analyst at Omdia.

How do you beat level 67 on homescapes?

Collect cherries in the middle of the first field while trying to create and activate power-ups on the sides to collect the rest of them. Save moves for the second field, otherwise you won’t be able to beat the level. Stick to only making matches next to Jelly with cherries in the second field.

What is in the safe on homescapes?

Has anyone else done the safe event? You get a safe at the beginning of the event and it fills up with extra gold coins as you complete levels. The safe is full once you complete enough levels to accumulate 6,000 gold coins in addition to the regular gold coins we get from completing levels normally.

How do you get unlimited boosters in homescapes?

Get unlimited boosters as a reward for completing stages in different events. You can get the following unlimited boosters: a Bucket of Candy, a Can of Soda + a Bag of Chips, and Double Spinning Tops. Unlimited boosters are marked with an infinity sign and a timer.